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James Bond Spectre Style

James Bond is always one the best dressed characters. Who doesn't love a man dressed to kill? I recently went to see Spectre (twice!) and I kept wondering who's dressing this guy...?

So if you're wondering how to dress like James Bond, or rather, how to dress your guy like James Bond, here are some of my picks to replicate the Spectre fashions just in time for the holidays.

Spectre Style : Splurge & Steal

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And for those of you, like me, swooning over that gorgeous dress that Spectre Bond girl Léa Seydoux was wearing, I'm sad to report the Lovers brand dress is sold out. Not surprisingly. Here are some similar styles though. 

I've been a James Bond fan from the very beginning. Sean Connery was always my favorite Bond, but Daniel Craig has officially replaced him as my all time fav. I like the dark and twisty version of Bond.

Which Bond and Bond girl are your favorites?

Photo credits : Sony

Moroccan Doors : Photo Diary

There is something so captivating about doorways. The architecture, the details, the curiosity of what lies behind them. 

Morocco was covered with ornate, old, colorful, quirky, detailed doors. I took so many photos of just...doors! Haha. 

The doors here in Atlanta, where I live, are generally mundane relative to the personality and detail of even the most 'ordinary' doors abroad. Anyway, here are my favorites from our recent journey to Morocco. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 

Kasbah Tamadot door

Which one is your favorite? 


#HMBalmaination Madness

Did any of you shop the H&M x Balmain collection that was released this morning? I'm not one for following trends, but I totally got sucked in to this one. After seeing all the madness in the news this morning I was pretty shocked at how easily I was able to purchase from the online store. Maybe I chose some less-desirable things?...

HM Balmain

I don't care if the shoes are diamond encrusted and $5, there's no way you'll get me to sleep overnight outside of the store! Online was the only option. 

Most of the collection wasn't really my style, but that pair of rope sandals had me at hello. I'm still a little on the fence about a few things, but as with most of my online shopping, I'll need to try it on before I decide to keep it.

I'll be interested to see what the quality is like and if it's really worth all the hype. 

It makes me sad to hear all of these stories of violence and madness over clothes. I love clothes and shoes just as much as the next girl but I just can't imagine hurting people or fighting with someone over a shirt. 

What did you think about the #HMBalmaination madness? Did you shop the collection?