Back for another For the Love of Friday?  Awesome!  I'll try not to disappoint.  Horses & puppies, One Direction and people who give everything to improve the lives of children in need.  Read on for some Friday lovin'.

Have you seen this adorable Budweiser Superbowl commercial?!  Dare you not to well up with tears...

International Children's Fund is something I love.  From simple things like mosquito netting to daunting tasks like treating thousands of children who have no access to medical care, ICF does so much for kids worldwide, but mainly in Africa where it is needed most.  Unbelievably, a staggering 98% of contributions go straight to the cause.

  There is so much to love about what these people are doing.  If you love it too see how you can help.

On a less serious note, may I present to you, One Direction!  Ha, okay I'm not a huge fan to be completely honest.  However, this video is so funny you may need to empty your bladder before viewing.

Hey, it's Friday!  Have a great weekend.