Spring is just around the corner; so is spring cleaning.  Perfect time to give this feng shui 'stuff' a try. Here are some easy ways you can put it into practice in your space.

Have you made a list of the places in your life and places in your home you want to improve?  If not, pop over to

part 1

and then meet me back here at part 2.

The ancient Chinese suggested that there are paths along which energy flows called meridians. Using a basic compass (or your smart phone compass) you can find the areas in your home where the meridian (or energy) meets the walls of your home, North, Northeast, East, Southeast, and so on.

Each energy point in your home corresponds to an area of your life. Feng shui proposes that by adding elements from nature you can enhance those specific areas in your life.  Here are the life areas and the corresponding enhancing elements.

  • North : Career (water)
  • Northeast : Knowledge (earth)
  • East : Family (wood)
  • Southeast : Wealth (wood)
  • South : Fame (fire)
  • Southwest : Love (earth)
  • West : Creativity (metal)
  • Northwest : Synchronicity (metal)
  • Center : Health (earth)

Very simplified, find the above areas of your home using a compass and then add items from the corresponding natural element to improve that area of your home and life.  Example : Let's say you are struggling work.  You're boss is a complete a-hole and you are miserable.  Have a look at the Northern part of your home and add a water-based element like a small fountain.  Maybe something will change to improve your situation at work.

If you're looking to get more recognition for a talent or skill you have, find the Southern part of your home and add some nice candles.  Surely you have some candles kicking around somewhere?

Here's my fav.

Feng shui isn't for everyone.  I have always been one of those people who has to see things to believe them.  At the very minimum feng shui can be as simple as decluttering your home. Something as simple as that can have a huge impact on your comfort.

Feng shui can also get very complex involving numbers, colors, and much more.  If you enjoy it you should read up on it.  

Here's a great book

that breaks it all down.

Hope these tips help you organize and feelin' good in your space this spring.